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Trick or Treating- when too old?
Halloween seems to the only holiday that involves goodies that has an age limit to on those goodies. Even after we stop believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny we still get gifts. And on Valentines' Day the biggest difference is the kind of gifts we get. We go from handing out cut out cards and baked goods in class to giving the special someone chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and/or nice dinners. Even the non-gift giving holidays seem to get better. On the 4th of July we can set of fireworks (and drink alcohol) instead of just watching them. On New Year's Eve it is a lot easier to stay up until midnight and suddenly there's so much more to do than just watch the ball drop in New York. ie: instead of staying home you can go out to...wherever, really. Then, there is Halloween. The holiday that throughout out childhood was full of fun or scary costumes, more baked goods that are usually decorated with bats or candy corn, carving pumpkins, and going door to door to get a huge bag full of free candy! Then we grow up and not only do we have to realize Santa and the Easter Bunny don't exist, but we have to stop dressing up and going out at night for free candy. Everyone stops trick-or-treating at a different ages. There isn't an official age where people stop going trick-or-treating, but this is the general consensus:

0-1: too little to go trick or treating, but very cute in costume for going to that costume party.
2-8/9: cute and usually top rated amongst the most popular trick-or-treaters
9/10-13: still young enough to go, though they are probably with friends more than family
14-16: still okay, though people start to suspect foul play more than them being friendly
17-19: it is now getting too old, but is permissible. maybe because they are still in high school and so are therefore untrustworthy, but still seen as excusably...juvanille
20: not old enough too drink yet, but people are no longer giving you the excuses they use to in high school so... you are not very welcome
21-24: people either suspect you to be up to something more wrong than just toilet papering a tree or house or are just baffled that you are here and not getting wasted somewhere. And here is the oddity: this is probably to one time people would rather you be getting wasted than being at their front porch mooching candy.
25+: This is where the last phase fades and gradually becomes something new. This being people are now thinking you are extremely creepy, possibly a pedophile, and most of all they are probably wondering why you haven't grown up enough to at least be too busy with a job or kids (much like they are, most likely) to be out trick-or-treating with friends/ family. This enters into the only exception: you may go trick or treating now with your kids and no one will look at you too funny. Though, they may think it is odd that you are getting candy for you with your little ones, unless they are so small it is obvious they may be too shy or something to do it on their own. This may work for the previous group, but not too early as people will think of you as irresponsible more than anything else for having kids so young.

There are always alternatives when you get older, such as parties or simply hanging out with friends playing video games, drinking, ect. At the same time, this is when people tend to be at their poorest (during the college years and some after) and so the idea of anything being free is somewhat appealing. So when you are booted from receiving a free bag of candy, there is some understandable disappointment. Besides, at that age there is more time after the trick-or-treating hours to enjoy the candy than when you were younger. You can legally now enjoy your favorite candy with your favorite alcohol and some close friends all while watching whatever gory, scary movie you want to watch. This is the so called "best time of your life," the time just before or just as all the responsibilities of being an adult are thrust upon you and the end of when certain worries can't touch you: you still stay up late at night and not because of the baby, but because you have to beat one more level before going to sleep and probably waking up far too early for class or your new job. There is still an element of freedom in the phase of life when simple things can be enjoyed the most. Sadly, this phase is also when certain great parts of childhood are now seemingly required to be given up. Sad day.....

Well, if nothing else we do still have the ability to use our new freedom to find something else to do.


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