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back contractions
As it turns out, those back pains I have been feeling for roughly a two weeks were contractions. I had no idea until my doctor gave a fairly detailed description of what contractions feel like. Ops. So I have been during a little bit of research (hurray interwebs!) and so far this is what I have figured out:

1) It is possible to feel pains between contractions (which explains why I was feeling the same pain, but it wasn't a contraction, since my stomach didn't harden like it does for a real contraction.)

2) Back labor is something no one wants, because they are more painful then ordinary labor. This results from a constant back pain.

3) Back labor can be longer than the alternative.

On a personal note, it seems during the contraction the following things happen: intense lower back pain, difficulty breathing, and light headedness. Anyone else feel like this?

Anyone know any other facts? I understand so far what I am feeling are Braxton-Hicks contractions and am just waiting now for the transition to real labor.


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