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jp4life's Journal

26 March
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I am a first-time expected mother (she is due Thanksgiving Day) and have been recently forced to stop working because of the pregnancy. I now have more free time to pursue writing, which I am excited about. I always like to keep busy and love the discuss Theology or Philosophy with anyone interested. That is part of how I met my husband, who is a Philosopher at heart. Admittedly, as my husband has pointed out multiple times in our discussions, I naturally think like a Theologian so most if not all my arguments are from a theologians point of view. I guess I should also say that I am a Roman Catholic.

This blog isn't yet completely devoted to only discuss Theology or Philosophy. I hope to discuss a variety of things with those who are interested. However, I do apologize ahead of time for how many discussions become based in philosophy or theology.

I am hoping to make money with this blog, because my husband and I (being newly weds and expecting) can use any money we can earn. Since I cannot work outside the home, I am going to try to work at home. However, I am not going to sell out in anyway.