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Costumes for pregnant ladies
Yes, this is yet another Halloween post. I have a few ideas to share, if anyone is interested. This time it is costumes for pregnant ladies (and their man if he wishes to have a costume complimentary to her). I hope these can help someone!

1) Mary, the Mother of God (and St. Joseph)
2) Chest-burster from "Alien" (have it attached to your belly, t-shirt, or a jacket)
3) If you are celebrating with other pregnant women, why not have a tummy painting contest? May the most creative, best halloween-themed, or cutest tummy win!
4) Painted ticking time bomb, using your due date as the time the bomb is rigged to go.
5) Turn your tummy into a bat! Paint the tummy black with white or yellow eyes (and fangs if you want to go creepy and attach a small set of wings to either side of your tummy. Want more out of this costume? Dress up as a vampire, too! You can pretend you are holding your new addition to the clan- baby bat!
6) Want to just paint your tummy, but want to do something more original than the pumpkin?  Paint your tummy white for a full moon and in front of the moon paint a black image of a witch, a bat, a black cat, eerie ghosts, or vampire! If you want to get really creative, paint an iconic picture from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
7) Take a page of history and dress up as Queen Anne, the British queen who was pregnant 18 times! Or as Queen Elizabeth I, aka "Bloody Mary," who was not pregnant, but is famous for her tummy tumor.
8) If the weather permits it, why no go as the traditional "barefoot and pregnant" woman? No shoes and an apron are a must! Also, your guy can dress up in buissness attire, but messy like he just came home from the office. Give him a beer and you a sandwich (for him, of course) or anything else you can find in the kitchen (ie: roller). To make this gory, just make your clothes bloody and have a kitchen knife in hand. Your man can have anything from a tv remote to a fake revolver. For added realism, make sure your clothes look like straight out of "Leave it to Beaver."
9) Remember those two pregnant women shown in "Hairspray" smoking and sipping cocktails at the bar? If it only for one scene that you seen them, but they could inspire a good costume for you!

Feel free to add anything as you see fit! And, of course, have fun! :)


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