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Extremely short post
Illegal immigration seems to be a heated topic in America. I honestly can't get too heated on the topic. A big reason why is because of the people involved. Americans are upset because "they are taking our jobs, ect." Americans are upset, essentially, because they firmly believe that the illegal immigrants are taking something (jobs) they are entitled to. On the opposite side, those fighting in favor of illegal immigrants fight because they are entitled to take ie: jobs, particularly because "Americans don't want them." Both sides fight over jobs that they feel entitled to have. The key problem here is this: they are both far too steeped into the believe they are entitled to something. The American dream has gone from being the ultimate goal for people to work towards to a right the government (or someone) owes to each and every person that steps on the American soil. People have way too much of a sense of entitlement. Just because you are born or run onto American soil does not mean anything will be given to you. Earn the American dream. Earn your citizenship, regardless of whether you were born here or not. (To clarify, I mean everyone who claims to be an American has basic knowledge of their country- be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance, know who at least the main founding fathers, ect.) Earn your right to speak before you open your mouth and spout stupidity before the world.


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